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Elisa Smith
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Reston, Virginia 93722

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The year was 1968, and the world was experiencing a period of great upheaval. College campuses were ablaze with protests against the Vietnam War, while at the Olympic Games in Mexico City, John Carlos and Tommie Smith made a powerful anti-racist statement by raising their clenched fists on the podium. Meanwhile, the feminist movement was gaining momentum, fueled by Betty Friedan's influential book 'The Mystique of Femininity'. In the midst of this tumultuous era, our protagonist Shirley Chisholm made a bold and daring decision to run for the presidency of the United States. Her unwavering determination and resilience set her apart, as she fearlessly challenged the norms of a society that was predominantly white and male-dominated. Furthermore, her Caribbean heritage, evident in her strong Creole-influenced English, only added to her distinctive character. Stream it in full length on Sflix to.