At Alaska Hunting Pros we offer transport hunts for those looking to target Sitka blacktail deer, Reindeer, Brown Bear, Rosevelt Elk, Fox and Waterfowl. Your options vary widely, as long as you have the proper permits. We provide the boat, lodging and meals for each hunter (breakfast, lunch and dinner), all you need to bring is your equipment and skill. The great thing about this option is it is far less than guided hunts, which can cost between $7,000-$30,000. Our boat based hunting camp will be situated in a bay near hunting grounds and can be accessed quickly via ground to boat transport. Once you arrive at the hunting location you are the guide. You decide where to hunt, what to hunt and when to hunt. Whether you’d like to spend your day hiking and glassing for your trophy buck, cruising the beaches while looking for your next drop-off point, or shooting a trophy duck with one of our guides, we have you covered! We can accommodate up to 5 hunters comfortably on our vessel.
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