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The Best Chocolates for Diabetics: Low Sugar and Sugar Free

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/26 6:26A Written in Partnership with Tedf
Introduction Diabetes and chocolate – two words you might not often see together. Yet, when handled with care and knowledge, they can form an unlikely but enjoyable alliance. As a health and wellness...

Lokahi Leaf’s Journey: Where Healing Begins

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/24 10:08A Written in Partnership with Jame
Lokahi is a beautiful Hawaiian word that carries profound meaning and significance. In the Hawaiian language, Lokahi represents unity, agreement, or accord. It embodies the concept of coming together...

Women’s Health Month: 4 Women Making A Difference

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/24 5:33A Neferteri Plessy
In honor of Women’s Health Month, we re featuring four founders and organizations supporting women in the health and wellness space. These organizations support women across both the physical and...

6 Reasons Why Travel Nursing is Remaining Vital in the U.S.

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/23 12:38P Written in Partnership with Adog
One of the biggest lessons of the last few years for many doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals was how unexpected events can quickly and dramatically alter the availability of care in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. Major...

calocurb: The Affordable, All-Natural Solution for Weight Management

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/22 11:42A Written in Partnership with Amir
A few short months ago, Ozempic and Wegovy became household names, but not for their intended purpose of helping manage diabetes, though– for their purported weight loss properties. In the same time,...

PhenGold Review 2023: Does it Really Work to Lose Weight?

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/22 1:49A Written in Partnership with Tedf
Are you tired of struggling with weight gain? Do you feel unhappy with your body, dealing with a big belly, heavy waist, and saggy arms? If so, it s time to make a positive change in your life. Our...

Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma in 2023 According to Health Experts

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/19 6:11A Written in Partnership with Tedf
Morton s neuroma can be a painful and debilitating condition, but choosing the right footwear can make a significant difference in managing symptoms and improving comfort. Today, we will outline the...

12 Simple Ways to Improve Life With Narcolepsy

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/19 6:05A Written in Partnership with Tedf
Narcolepsy is a condition that can make everyday life feel like an uphill battle. Trying to manage its symptoms while staying physically and emotionally well can be daunting, but don t worry we re...

Fastest Growing Allied Health Careers

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/18 1:42A Brand Partner Content
Allied health professionals play a key role in saving lives and ensuring optimal healthcare for millions of individuals on a daily basis. Through diagnostic, therapeutic, and supportive services,...

How much does Peptide Therapy cost?

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/16 11:17A Brand Partner Content
Peptide therapy has been making the headlines as a means to make life a lot easier. Wanna lose fat? Build muscle? Reduce the signs of aging ? Hell, do you want to improve your cognitive function? Depending on the peptide you take you could do any...

Liv Pure Reviews SCAM or LEGIT? Avoid FAKE Reviews!

Health and Wellness - LA Weekly 5/12 8:49A Brand Partner Content
Liv Pure is a healthy liver detox that helps shed pounds of belly fat and makes you slim and sexy. It is a simple capsule that works with the root cause of stubborn body weight and eliminates it...
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